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History Of Fashion: White Dress During Classicism (Research Paper Sample)


Outline structure  

The research paper is to write about the white dress  (who is the designer? How she influenced fashion?  How classicism fashion style influence people during that time?

Only topic sentence’s quotes are from “Classicism” pdf. Others are all from “Madeleine Vionnet”.

Those supporting sentence’s quotes are just my ideas and if you don’t like some of the parts you can change them and paraphrase. 

I am not sure about the Topic sentence 3 sources, if you can find other sources then that would be perfect.

You can add more sources

Our teacher would want us to focus on thesis statement more, maybe like put a designer’s quote and provide own opinion. And also after each quotes in supporting sentence add own ideas to support the sentence.

Analysis of the significant part of the image and talk about why choose this image.

Think this paper as documentary paper like telling story

Please use simple words and sentences. 


History of Fashion

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation
History of Fashion

There has been a significant change in fashion owing to the changing times in professional worlds. The inception of technological innovations and inventions have overseen the development of different types of fashion designs. Imperatively, there has been a significant development in the visual and performing arts with changes that have characterized the fashion industry. This research paper aims at discussing the history of fashion with an inept reference to the white dress and how it influenced individuals’ sense of fashion during the classicism period. More so, a detailed discussion of the designer of the white dress, Vionnet Madeleine will be given consideration as well as her immense contribution in influencing fashion will be keenly assessed.

Thesis statement

Fashion has undergone credible evolution with an immense credit to designer Vionnet Madeleine for coming up with the white dress design.

Topic Sentence One

Vionnet Madeleine is a designer in the fashion industry who had offered an immense contribution in influencing the fashion industry. She is credited with the excellent encapsulation of her designs in meeting the significance of classicism influence on the development of fashion. Her fashionable dress designs came into existence during the interwar period, which has been offered diverse subversive interpretations which have inadvertently undermined a steadfast comprehension of what entails a classicized design as time-bound, democratic and non-blemished.

Support Sentences

Support Sentence One

Madeleine Vionnet's training at a number of couture houses in both London and Paris taught her to favor the natural body as the guiding motif in any design and led her to develop her well-documented technique of draping specially woven double width fabric onto an 80cm high manikin (Arnold, 2009). This implies that Madeleine Vionnet was well trained in designing fashion. She developed a radical and basic concept of dressmaking that focussed on the body of an individual. Despite having undergone quality training in fashion, Madeleine was able to watch a substantial number of couture houses by pioneers of the fashion industry (Wilson et al., 2013). For instance, Madeleine watched a couture house that was graced by maitress Mme Gerbe who had an exemplary ability in perfecting designs for her clients as well as adapting the designs to the preferences of each client. Maistress Gerbe formed an inspiration and role model to Madeleine quest for fashion.

Support Sentence Two

At Doucet, where she moved in 1907 she was to display her avant-garde view of fashion, becoming part of the triumvirate of couturiers, along with Chanel and Poiret, who were to construct a new form of fashion and beauty that heralded the concerns of the modern era. By discarding the corset and quite literally stripping away the superfluities of fashion and contemporary notions of respectability. Vionnet turned out to be among the fashion revolutionists, inspiring another type of feminine that talked about flexibility, experimentation, and freedom (Arnold, 2009). For Vionnet, the new soul was connected to a look for immaculateness of frame and artistic articulation that rose, in any event to a limited extent, from an exhaustive investigation of the classical outline (Steele, 2017). Vionnet is credited with revolutionizing the fashion industry. Her interests in evoking feminine ideas that addressed freedom and independence marked the genesis of classical design fashions. She worked in collaboration with other designers like Chanel and Poiret who helped her grow in the fashion industry.

Support Sentence Three

Vionnet's work expressed the problems of feminin...

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