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An Exploration of the Application of Techniques (Research Paper Sample)

It is based on the Martin and Pear textbook of Behavioral Modification and will be a research paper that focuses on the application of one or more of the techniques of behaviour modification outlined in the text. Formatting will follow the 6th edition of APA's style guide source..

Behavior Modification:
An Exploration of the Application of Techniques
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Behavior Modification:
An Exploration of the Application of Techniques
1. 0Introduction
Over the years, global and scientific development has undergone numerous changes and transformations, as well as changes in focus. Indeed, from the earliest agricultural and shamanistic cultures, scientific inquiry turned to more industrial and technological advancements. However, along with these advancements also came the greater discoveries on the mechanisms of how the brain works. It is during these times that psychotherapy and psychology emerged as sciences, to provide a base point of understanding how the mind works, and how it can be used to alter or improve behavior.
In relation, behavior modification involves the various strategies or mechanisms which have been empirically tested or analyzed, and which work by increasing or decreasing the frequency of a behavior. Behavior modification as a science in itself can encompass most motile creatures, although it has become a celebrated approach in psychotherapy. Also, behavior modification can function in both negative and positive ways. Indeed, it can serve as a positive reinforcement of good and adaptive behavior, or it can serve as a negative reinforcement of an action or behavior that has to be corrected or eliminated CITATION Tho072 \l 1033 (Thomas, 2007).
In a related light, this paper will then look into behavior modification, as well as the application of the different techniques of behavior modification. An overview of behavior modification as well as its techniques will first be given, followed by a discussion of a specific technique for behavior modification. More specifically, this paper will explore the application of the technique of Behavioral Chaining. The said technique is used mainly for the creation of a new sequence of behaviors. This technique will first be explored in its overall context, and then the discussion of the actual application of the technique will be discussed. In here, the advantages and benefits of the technique of Behavioral Chaining will be discussed, followed by an exploration of its disadvantages.
2.0Overview of Behavior Modification and its Techniques
Numerous techniques for behavior modification have been developed in the past years, with each one evolving and improving. Some authors label behavior modification as an approach grounded on behaviorism. Although behavior modification is usually uses interventions that are based on the principles of behaviorism, certain differences can be observed. For one, although behavior modification includes within its coverage applied behavior analysis, some behavior modifiers who are not well-versed in behavior analysis do not perform actual functional assessments before the provision of interventions. Also, a huge number of practitioners u...
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