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Analysis on Chengzhi Jin a Chinese Composer (Research Paper Sample)


This is a research paper about a music composer call Chengzhi Jin(Jin Chengzhi). I did finish the majority of this paper and you may need to finish the rest of it (part 3 of the outline below).
If you are writing a paper on a COMPOSER/ARTIST:
• Part 1 (1 page)
o For classical composers: An overview of the stylistic concerns of musicians within the composer’s style period (e.g. Baroque, Classical, Romantic, or 20th Century) and how the chosen composer’s works represent the style period.
o For non-classical artists: An overview of the political, social, or musical context of the time period in which the artist was active, and how that context relates to your chosen artist (in other words, put the artist in the context of the time).

• Part 2 (1-2 pages) – An abridged biography of the composer’s life, which can include (but is not limited to):
o How the composer was employed and any important positions held (mostly for Classical composers)
o Important musical, personal, or historical events that either affected the composer’s musical career or our perception of the composer
o Important works
o Influences on the composer’s style
o Critical reception of the composer during his or her life o Any other information you deem important to cover
• Part 3 (1 page) – A discussion of the styles, genres of music, or other composers in which the composer had (or continues to have) the most influence.
I will upload the paper I wrote, If you can help me make some corrections, I will appreciate that.


Chengzhi Jin is a Chinese composer and a conductor of his own choir. With accurate observation and humorous expression, rainbow choir's "divine comedy" takes the life of young urban people of their similar age as ordinary and writes every bit of life into the songs. He broke the background of today's Chinese chorus music and let us see a new possibility of a choir.
Chinese choral singing is generally concerned with political correctness. Chinese composers created many popular and historically significant choral works. Compared with western choral singing, Chinese choral singing is very immature. Whether in terms of theme, melody or reflected spirit, chorus is more about the most real combination of human and nature. However, when songs are marked by politics, they will lose their original value. Chengzhi Jin, however, miffed at these matters. Chengzhi Jin said in an interview that the original chorus music was based on people's worship of god in the church. Its purpose is to remove individuality and retain commonality. But in his choir, he wants everyone to use their life experiences to play a character. He wants his audience and members of his choir to find them in the song, instead of being assimilated. Chengzhi Jin wrote many songs about People's Daily affairs. You may feel funny when you listen Chengzhi Jin’s songs for the first time, but actually his song is a reflection of the anxiety of modern urbanites, it sings out our inner weaknesses. He believes that choral singing should not be bound but should liberate individuals.
Rainbow choir director Chengzhi Jin, has a great classical music foundation, the rainbow choir of those songs are written by him. His work is powerful and full of colour. Other people's songs are often a speech hall, but his work is like a lively salon, everyone tells, lyrical, acting, depth into the joy. He was known for a song, " Shichao Zh

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