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The Modern Vampire Companies In Northeast China (Research Paper Sample)


Size of Group 2-3Background: Our client is a CEO as well as a popular author. He plans to write a book with the title “The Modern Vampires of China”, referring to the Vampire corporations in China. He needs information about the status of these industries in the northwestern provinces (Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin).

Deliverables and deadlines 4-5 page report or a 20 min presentation

Veriguide required Yes (<15% similarity)

Additional Requests/Founder’s Advice: Identify the largest listed companies in these provinces that can be regarded as Vampire corporations, study their characteristics, share performance (detailed equity research not required, but target prices of a few financial institutions would be great, if available), corporate performance and the provincial governments’ policies towards these vampires. Comparing the target prices of foreign and China-based financial institutions of these vampires would be interesting.

It has been mentioned that some of these Vampires are now returning to normal. You may want to highlight their recent successes and the types of effective reforms implemented.


The Modern Vampires of China
The Modern Vampires of China
Northeastern China is considered as the oldest son of the country, composed of mainly the provinces; Jilin, Liaoning, and Heilongjiang. In the Chinese tradition, it is the norm that the future of the family rests on the shoulder of the oldest child. Ironically, this is a child that is failing the family; the Northeastern provinces. Experts point to a shift in the economic systems relative to the needs of the people and the country at large (Harbin, 2018). It was Mao that made the Northeast of China the haven it has been for the last couple of decades. Known to the world as Manchuria, this was a wilderness, with dark forests as well as snow swept plains. The only inhabitants were a few of the fishing tribes and the hunting tribes. Most of the heavy industries in China would later be stationed here. Some of the largest industries such as car manufacturing, aircraft manufacturing, and assembly as well as machine tools can be found in the region. In the year 1978, Liaoning, which is the most populous of the three had the third largest economy when compared to the rest of the 31 provinces on the mainland. It has a GDP that was 20% bigger than that of Guangdong, a Southern province that has the largest population (Harbin, 2018). The last 40 years of economic growth in the nation has however left the Northeastern struggling economically at every turn. It is important to note that the government has had some efforts in play since 2003 to revive the region's economy, by increasing state investments in the region. As late as 2016, the government also pushed another dollop of money to try and revive the industries which do not seem to be on their path to recovery. This is a region that is siphoning millions of dollars of the Chinese economy without much return on the same. It is a vampire that simply compromises the health of the economy in China as it is dragging behind despite the amount of government injected money that goes down the drain in the industries associated with the three provinces.
State Owned Enterprises
There are some elements that have brought the provinces to the position that it is currently in. It is important to consider the fact that, the Maoist planning led to the fact that most of the region is dependent on the state-owned (Harbin, 2018). Most of the corporations in the region are state-owned and this can be traced back to the Mao era. Much of the planning was directed at making sure that the country was thriving in the industrial sector, an aspect that worked some forty years ago. However, that element and advantage are slowly dying. This is relative to the concentration of the state-owned enterprises that are simply not competitive enough. To put this into perspective, in China the SOEs are estimated at 17% in total. However, when considering the province such as Liaoning, the share of the state-owned enterprise is at a staggering 40% (Harbin, 2018). Ironically, this is even lower when compared to that of Heilongjiang, which currently stands at 55% (Harbin, 2018). The firms that are found in the region are largely insufficient. This means that their ability to use the available resources in the best way possible is largely compromised as most are based on the older platforms and methods of production that are highly unsustainable. There is also the element of over-reliance on the natural resources which poses a great threat relative to sustainable development and environmental conservation in the long run. A majority of the industries in the three provinces are on coal, agricultural, petroleum, and steel among others. These are industries that constantly being phased out as they belong to the industrialization era. Other than the fact...

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