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Johnson Controls Capital Investments (Research Paper Sample)

Review Johnson Controls Inc 2012 financial forecasts. According to the forecasts, JOhnson Controls will increase capital investments to approximantely $1.7 billion. More than 70% of the companys capital expenditures in 2012 are associated with growth and margin expansion opportunities. 1. suggest amethodology to supplement the traditional methods for evaluating the capital investments of Johnson Controls in the emerging markets to reduce risk providing a rationale of how risk will be reduced. 2. assess the potential impact of inflation on plannedd capital investments in China and examine approaches for an accurate evaluation of the investments. Suggest how this knowledge may impact management decisions. 3. Contrast the modifications you would make in evaluating the projects to increase internal capacity in North America to evaluating expansion projects in the global market and how this information will impact the decisions made related to expansion 4. examine the benefits of using sensitivity analysis in evaluating the projects for johnson Controls and how this approach can provide a competitive advantage for the company. source..
Johnson Controls Inc 2012 financial forecasts Summary Johnson Controls Incorporated announced on October 2012 that it hoped to document the sales and profit margins for the fiscal year of 2012. During the fourth quarter of 2011, the company recorded a total earning amounting to $10.7 billion. In its 2012 forecasts, the company speculates that there will be an increase in its automotive production in China and North America, with comparatively equal measure of European production against the results achieved in 2011. The firm forecasts that there will be revenue growth of approximately 6% in the year 2012 owing to its automotive experience in the sector. There will be a reflection of the increased global production in terms of quantity. The new programs for market expansion that were launched by the company are expected to generate a minimum of $1.4 billion in the year (Selko, 2012). In the year 2012, the company will see increased production of automobiles in China and the Northern America, whereas the production of the same will remain relatively flat in Europe versus the prospects realised in 2011. The forecast calls for approximately 6% revenue growth in 2012 by its Automotive Experience venture, hence a reflection of increased volume in the global production and approximately $1.4 billion in new program launches, partially counterbalanced by the negative impact of a weak Euro. Without including currency, total revenues would increase by 9%. In china alone, Johnson Controls boasts of 44% market share in seatings and hopes that total revenues will increase by 21% to an approximation of $4.8 billion. The worldwide efficiency market is hoped to generally increase in the year in relation to its market expansion strategies, especially in China and Middle East, which have favourable market potentials. Building efficiency earning is expected to increase by 10% owing to the strong backlogs, a significant development in services and expansion of its energy efficie...
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