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Application Of Managerial Accounting Concepts In Accomplishing Business Objectives (Research Paper Sample)


Each student will choose a topic of their choice about managerial accounting and how managerial accounting helps managers to carry out business objectives.
The length of this paper should be between 8 - 10 pages (not including the title page, table of contents or reference page) in APA formatting, double spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12 point Times New Roman font. A minimum of 8 academic references (atleast 5 academic peer-reviewed) and minimum 8 in-text CITATIONS are required.
(Don'ts: Do not use wikipedia, investopedia,,, or any other website that does not have credibility! they will not be accepted as citations.)
Please review the SLOs (8) mentioned below and synthesize
them into your research paper.
Also, use the concepts from Modules 1-8.
SLO 1 Evaluate the role of managerial accounting in planning and control
SLO 2 Prepare a schedule of cost of goods manufactured and an income statement describing utility of variance analysis effects on managerial decision making
SLO 3 Examine the various ways managerial accounting systems support decision-making in capital budgeting methods
SLO 4 Differentiate between components of a static and flexible budgets and associated entities
SLO 5 Compare and contrast costing, cash flow, and ratios analysis in managerial decision-making
SLO 6 Assess variable cost methods, allocation of fixed costs, appropriate relevant costs in decision making in a variety of related activities.
SLO 7 Calculate break-even points, contribution margins, and cost volume pricing analysis
SLO 8 Analyze the organizational and financial elements of a successful budgeting process


Managerial Accounting Research Paper Outline
Student’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Managerial Accounting Research Paper
Table of Contents
1 Executive Summary (includes a THESIS statement)
2 The Role of Managerial Accounting in Planning and Control
3 Cost of Goods Manufactured an Statement of Income for Utility of Variance Analysis Effects on Managerial Decision Making
4 Ways Managerial Accounting Systems Support Decision-making in Capital Budgeting Methods
5 Differentiate between Static and Flexible Budgets
6 Compare and Contrast Costing, Cash flow, and Ratios Analysis in Managerial Decision-making
7 Variable Cost Methods, Allocation of Fixed Costs, Appropriate Relevant Costs in Decision Making
8 Break-even Points, Contribution Margins, and Cost Volume Pricing Analysis
9 Organizational and Financial Elements of a Successful Budgeting Process
10 Conclusion
Managerial Accounting Research Paper
Executive Summary
Managerial accounting focuses on accounting personnel who make key decisions within an organization including executives, product managers, and sales managers. While this is the case, financial accounting is charged with availing financial information for external use by parties like shareholders and creditors who need to use the accounting information which is typically not detailed. Managerial accounting makes detailed financial projections for the organization’s various segments and includes information such as product profitability in the form of nonfinancial measures. External reporting rules are replaced y internal specifications to enable good decision making.
Management accounting techniques address a specific purpose and may address weaknesses such as the lack of integrated budgeting. Therefore the management should examine specific company goals which are unattainable without using other methods. However some approaches have beneficial tools that can be used across the organization without incurring extra costs. Adopting of these management techniques is slow and inconsistent with their application creating confusion.
The management landscape has many methods which managers need guidance about, making it difficult to know which method works best and what managers require is a general understanding of which model works best in incorporating accounting and financial information which is essential for their job performance. This paper explores various ways in which management accounting is useful in accomplishing business objectives.
The Role of Managerial Accounting in Planning and Control
Accounting aims to communicate financial information that allows users to make decisions. It embodies the segment of accounts that manages this same information for internal financial concerns that pertain to information requirements for external users like customers and other stakeholders enabling management to make decisions which are financially viable and cost effective (Emmanuel et al., 1990). The information preferred upon management is useful in formulating progressive plans for the organization. The various ways in which management accounting is useful in the planning process includes budgeting, evaluation of strategic operations, investment planning, modelling future performance and creation of project schedules.
Planning involves forecasting activities that are aimed at achieving strategic business objectives for short or long term planning through the provision of accounting information to facilitate future planning. Management ...

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