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Biblical Counseling Religion & Theology Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


CO 6706 Independent Study Assignment Guidelines
Please select material below that you have not previously read or viewed. Students will submit a 5-7 page reaction paper on one (1) of the following:
• Rent and watch Diary of a Mad Black Woman (PG-13, 2005).
This assignment is due in 4 Weeks.
Instructions: Your 5-7 page paper (5-7 pages does not include the title page or bibliography page) may be written in first person. You should include a properly formatted sources cited page with the appropriate entry from above. You may include other sources as you critique your independent study topic, but they are only required if you wish to get an A on this assignment. To get an A, you must include a reference to Scripture and another scholarly source (our texts, or another similar source. If using journal articles, be sure they are peer-reviewed). In this assignment, your instructor is looking for the following topics included under the required headings listed below. (If you need to write more, try to stay under 10 pages).
Include page numbers and footnotes with this paper and the following headings:
• A title page, properly formatted. See revised LRCS paper template under the Syllabus tab and attached in the week the assignment is due.
• Introduction paragraph, where you name and describe the movie or book you chose from the above list. This introduction should be about half a page long, informing the reader of your paper contents.
• Crisis Under this heading give a brief synopsis of the movie or book, describing the relevant crisis or trauma(s). Include your personal reactions to the crisis/trauma(s). Two page minimum in this section.
• Spirituality Was there any spirituality in the book or movie? Was it biblical? Why or why not? One half page minimum.
• Pastoral Care What might you have done or said to the person/family if you were invited to offer pastoral care at some point in the story? You may refer to the readings in the class for ideas, and be sure to cite sources if you do so. One page minimum. This needs to be a thorough pastoral care plan based on guidelines we have studied. 2 page minimum for this section
• Conclusion A brief summary is required; about half a page.
• Sources Cited page which includes appropriate formatting for your movie or book. Refer to your Turabian handbook to discover how Turabian formatting is applied to motion pictures. Points will be lost if this is incorrect.
Refer to the rubric located below to see how your paper will be graded.

Grading Rubric
70 points possible I. Current cover page (5 points)
II. Introduction-General description plus presenting problem (half a page, 5 points)
III. Crisis and brief synopsis of movie is provided (2 page minimum 15 points). Identify areas the character(s) you are concerned about may need help with.
IV. Spirituality is identified (1/2 page minimum) 10 points
V. Pastoral Care Intervention Provided (2 page minimum; with references for an "A" paper) 25 points
VI. Conclusion (1/2 page) 5 points
VII. Sources Cited page 5 points
10 points possible • Correct punctuation is used throughout the paper
• Words are spelled correctly
• The paper is free from run-on sentences, sentence fragments, and other syntax problems
• Consistent use of past tense when referring to historical figures
• Subjects and verbs agree in number
• Pronouns and antecedents agree in number and gender
Organization and Style
10 points possible • The paper possesses a well-organized and flowing style
• The introduction prepares the reader for the subject
• The body is composed of purposeful units that flow from one paragraph to the next and from section to section
• The conclusion brings the subject matter to an appropriate close
• Statements are clear and concise
• Writing is academic in nature and avoids being devotional, sermonic, or informal
Turabian Format
10 points possible • Correct cover page
• Correct font
• Correct font size
• Correct spacing between headings
• Correct page numbering
• Correct spacing in footnotes
• Correct margins
• Correct citation format in footnotes
• Correct citation format in Sources Cited page
• Correct citation of the same resource without an intervening footnote
• Correct use of short citations
• Correct spacing after a sentence
• Correct format in headings and subheadings


Movie Reaction
Movie Reaction: Diary of a Mad Black Woman
Tyler Perry’s ‘Diary of a mad Black Woman’ tells the story of a lawyer named Charles and his wife, Hellen. The two have lived together for eighteen years by are calling it quits after Charles admitted to having an affair with the Brenda. Before the divorce, Hellen was exposed to a luxurious lifestyle because her husband was wealthy. However, she is forced to live a low life after she decides to move in with her grandmother Madea and cousin Brian. Her current lifestyle is challenging because she has to learn to stand and fend for herself. A few moments later, she falls in love and prepares to move in with her newfound love, Orlando.
Hellen encountered a trying moment when her husband was attacked and almost killed by a vengeful client. She asks herself what to do when she hears about the plight of her ex-husband. At that moment, Brenda, the current husband of Charles had abandoned Charles in the hospital together with his kids and money. Brenda even makes it clear that she did not care whether Charles died or not before leaving. The film is characterized by a plethora of themes that combine together to relay the central message of the film. The choice of characters also effectively contributes to the achievement of the central theme of the paper. However, even though the themes of the work were perfectly woven with the choice of the characters, it is important to note that the choice of ‘mad woman’ was not the best choice Perry made in the film.

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