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Reflection on "Prince Among Slaves" (Reaction Paper Sample)

Reflection paper on Documentary film: "Prince Among Slaves" The reflection paper has to contain the following: 1) What are the main points and important messages? 2) How does it relate to the book "Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas" by Sylviane Diouf? 3) Understanding or comments? THANKS!! :) source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Reflection on "Prince among Slaves" This paper is a reflection of the documentary “Prince among Slaves” which is narrated by Mos Def and directed, produced and written by Andrea Kalin. This paper shall outline the basics of the documentary, it relation with Sylviane Diouf book and how it theme and content message reflect on daily existence. Executive Summary This historical drama is about a prince named Abdul Rahman Ibrahima Sori who was a Muslim prince in Guinea in the late 1788. After his 26th birthday his father a king among the tribe of Fulbe who reigned over West African country of Futa Jallon, made Rahman commander in chief of the army after a successful defeat of some insurgent in their land they were ambushed when returning home and taken captive. They were later sold to the British slave traders and crossed over the Atlantic for the slave market in New Orleans, America (Alford, Pp 23). Upon arrival Rahman was bought by a religious farmer Thomas Foster in a tobacco plantation and toiled in menial labor for forty years. While captive he married an American born slave Isabella and fathered her with nine children. His liberation from enslavement begun after his encounter with certain doctor Dr.John Cox whom Rahman’s father has assisted back in Africa after a failing health and was natured to health by the king tribesmen. After persuasion with the famer to let Rahman free become futile, Cox...
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