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Political Disagreements: Should we strive to resolve them (Reaction Paper Sample)

Refer mainly to the book Carl Schmitt "The concept of the political" source..
Political Disagreements: Should we strive to resolve them
Conflicts are inevitable in any political process; these arise from determining who gets what, how and when. (Hibbing & Theiss-Morse 2) noted that despite the fact that conflicts seem to be part of politics, most average citizens dislike them. The consequences of political disagreements remain unclear, with some research findings indicating that that political disagreement makes the minority less likely to vote in line with their underlying partisanship, increases opinion ambivalence and that it reduces participation in political systems (Mutz 111). However other authors find the above findings exaggerated as argued by (Huckfeldt et al. 4). However, the clarity of the impacts of political disagreements is not clear and this is needed to determine whether we should make an effort to resolve political disagreements or our political differences are good.
There is a concept of ‘everyday political disagreement` which refers to instances where individuals are exposed to political perspectives that are different from their own (Klofstad, Sokhey, and McClurg 7). The exchange that occurs in this political differences are important for understanding the political behaviour, since without the possibility of gaining new views, there is little chance for social communication to alter past patterns of behaviours (Klofstad, Sokhey, and McClurg 7). Political differences is also important since it may help to understand the preferences of individuals are translates into the political system. (Klofstad, Sokhey, and McClurg 7) argues that with no exchange of view among citizens, this could hinder compromise among the representative officials. He further asserts that this implies that the preferences remain fairly fixed and the government`s role of providing representation becomes principally that of institutional design. He however argues that when there are differences in views among the citizenry, the state representation becomes an issue of how the public responds to divergent viewpoints and rectifies the way it does things rather than how we aggregate preferences through institutions.
Political differences are important as they affect the preferences and therefore (Klofstad, Sokhey, and McClurg 8) explains that the public interest is a dynamic phenomenon that changes and is redefined as different political views are exchanged leading to better public opinion and policy outputs. (Mutz 113) observes that political disagreements lead to better understandings and tolerance of different viewpoints in the society.
Despite the advantages listed above, (Mutz 115) notes that political disagreement lead to lower levels of political participation. (Mutz 117) explains that when people are involved in political disagreements, some people become disillusioned and they fail to participate in politics. However, her argument is opposed by the findings of some ...
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