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Man With A Movie Camera by Dziga Vertov (Reaction Paper Sample)


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Revolutionizing Film through narrative montage and Cinematography techniques in “Man With A Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov
The movie “Man With A Movie Camera” by Dziga Vertov is a very unique film achieved through the use of various techniques and camera tricks. This montage is probably one of the most interesting and original films I have ever seen. The director and creator gave the audiences a very good depiction of their intentions through advanced filming techniques and editing, which became a model for other popular film styles in the present.
The beginning of the movie is somewhat confusing. It seems, at first, a random clump of videos about Russian life. However, as the film progresses, one can realize the connection and juxtapositions of the cultural narrative that the movie is trying to convey. The rough and fast editing imbues the movie with the vibe of industrialism in the Russian society. The movie showcase the idea behind industrialization together with its benefits and challenges. One instance in the film recreates this notion through the juxtaposition of industry and recreation, which depicts the different lifestyle among different social classes. (Dawson 2018)
In all of the scenes, the underlying intent was to acknowledge the mundane though the democratization power of communal viewing. Communal Viewing is an integrated elemen in Vertov’s cinema language. Every filming of the different scenes in Vertov’s movie “Man With A Movie Camera” was riddled with challenges involving logistics and angling. Each moment in the movie reflects the hard work and effort by the filming crew. Crowd gatherings and curious onlookers made it more difficult to film the “everyday life” untinkered.
In another great film by Perry Bard, the narrative and structure follows that of Vertov’s masterpiece. The Man With the Movie Camera: The Global Remake premiered (as 2008: Man With a Movie Camera) at the Urban Screens Festival in Manchester on October 11, 2007. This film follows the montage story telling but this version was a compilation of videos from different people in the modern setting. It recreated the same scenes using the moments of the present age. This kind of storytelling which features the scenes and moments of everyday life somehow activate in me, a sense of belonging, and grounding to reality. (McDunnah 2017)
The film is most successful in its portrayal of cinematic effects without the use

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