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Review On Oreo Cookies: Delightful Taste (Reaction Paper Sample)


To clearly establish a context, evaluative criteria and author expertise on the “product” being reviewed

To offer a balanced appraisal that nonetheless presents a definite opinion of the “product”
To organize and write in ways that are rhetorically effective.
In this assignment, I'm going to refer to the “product” for the sake of simplicity; the “product” may in fact be a play, or a restaurant, or a service…but let's just use “product” to represent whatever is being reviewed.
Context and Comparisons
• establish what you are comparing your product to (sorry about the bad syntax);
• talk about other products of the same type and how your product stacks up against them.
Criteria and Expertise
• establish explicitly what is important to you in a product of this kind, and why these criteria are important;
• establish that you are informed enough about the product and its type to offer a credible evaluation.
Bias and Balance
• admit to any biases you may have for or against this product;
• offer a balanced appraisal of the good and bad points of the product, but:
• be definite in your appraisal: make your final opinion clear!
• develop a compelling lead that accurately presents your “angle”;
• organize the body of your review as best suits your approach;
• close effectively.
• a product or “line” (new to the market, i.e, not the Slap Chop)
• a restaurant
• a novel (released in the last six months)
• an event
• an album (or whatever a collection of songs is called now)
• a theatrical event


Review on OREO cookies
Ever since 1992, Oreo has produced the best chocolate sandwich cookies in the US. After it was launched, Oreo has dominated the US market knocking off other similar products like Hydrox in the market. Oreo copied its idea from Hydrox. Oreo's taste is standard and classical because of its delightful taste. It consists of two chocolate wafers and has a sweet cream filling in between the wafers. The cookie is marketed as chocolate sandwich cookies. The cookie is made by Nabisco, a branch of the Mondalez international and it became the best selling biscuit immediately as it was introduced into the market. The company distributes this product to more than 100 countries around the world. This paper is going to review Oreo as an iconic brand over the other similar Hydrox chocolate cookies.
Hydrox as a similar product to Oreo
Hydrox is also another one of America's first chocolate sandwich cookies which was launched in 1908 and like Oreo, it is a crème filled chocolate sandwich cookie. Sunshine Biscuits manufactures Hydrox cookie CITATION Cod18 \l 2057 (Sheean, 2018). One of the qualities that distinguish Hydrox from Oreo is that it is free from animal fats. Hydrox cookie inspired the creation of Oreo cookie in 1912 because Hydrox was the first brand of chocolate cookie filled with crème in 1908. Even though Hydrox encouraged Oreo, Oreo exceeded Hydrox in popularity, and currently, Hydrox is perceived as an imitator of Oreo, a perception that is not true.
Oreo chocolate cookie and Hydrox chocolate cookie have a similar appearance ;it is impossible to tell which one is which if they have not been named. They both have a basic round shape and have assumed a very dark brown to black color. They both are a double sandwich of not too large round cookies and in between them they have a white crème filling. They are all packaged in a blue package. It is also important to mention that the two cookies have the same thickness even though their taste is slightly different.
According to Oreo, (2018), the Oreo cookie is better in taste compared to its Hydrox counterpart. Also, the white crème filling in the chocolate

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