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Compose a 1 page reflection that discusses the first paragraph of Ch.3 (Reaction Paper Sample)


Compose a one-page reflection that discusses the first paragraph of Ch. 3 – "When they call you a terrorist a black lives matter" by Patrisse khan-cullors and Asha Bandele – why do you believe Patrisse says that her discovery about Alton & Gabriel “has everything to do with police and nothing to do with police and everything to do with poverty and nothing to do with poverty….and everything to do with Black and nothing to do with it?”
A Reminder i'm a 19 years old girl who is a freshman in college so when writing about personal thoughts write things that matches to a 19 year old freshman in college. Thank you so much


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I believe Patrisse says what she says because of several things. The first one is because she sees a problem in the police department and how it is run. Well, looking at the life of Gabriel, for example, she realizes that he is arrested and notes that “if prisons are supposed to make society more safe, who do I feel so much fear and hurt?” (44). This statement shows that while the job of the police department could be to help maintain peace and keep people safe, it was also helping to propagate certain issues in society. 

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