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Research And Describe How Should History Judge Napoleon? (Reaction Paper Sample)

These are the resources I would like you to use to answer the topic question for this response paper. Please do a work cited page as well in abc order. Also the paper must be in MLA format, the margins should be 1 inch on all sides and don't skip a space in between paragraphs.


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How should History Judge Napoleon? Did he maintain the Ideals of the French Revolution, Or Destroy Them?
The goals of the French revolution were to obliterate feudalism and ensure that the citizens had freedom of religion among other rights. This was crafted after the American Revolution whose aim was to increase individual rights and to protect the people from state's oppression (Kreis). Napoleon was successful in achieving most of these goals to a certain extent by for example introducing a Perfect system that minimized royalists' revolt and ensured that the monarchy was not reestablished. Under Napoleon rule, the lycee's was introduced to further the ideologies of the revolution. This ideology was based on the notion of giving the citizens a better chance in life an idea that afforded many young people the motivation of pursuing their careers. The leader was also successful in creating job opportunities which also gave the people hope. Despite this, there are a number of motives why Napoleon is often regarded as a betrayer of the French revolution including his dictatorship and reintroduction of a precedence order.
Understandably, Napoleon was raised in an aristocratic background though not in a wealthy family. The fact that he was a member of the Corsican nobility allowed him the opportunity to make decisions that would later benefit the upper class within the French community. In 1802, Napoleon set

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