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American Government: The Founding Fathers and Constitution (Reaction Paper Sample)


American Government: Founding Fathers and Constitution

Reaction Paper
The Founding Fathers are always credited with the creation of one of the most complete documents in the history of the entire world; the American constitution. It is surprising while at the same time interesting to note that this document, which was created more than three centuries ago, is still very much in place today. The problems that could have arisen today, especially one dealing with governance, have been systematically solved by a document that came into place three hundred years before the problems. This might be some form of genius from the Founding Fathers. Working on something that would prevent problems centuries away. While coming to the actual events however, there are specifics that called for deeper discussion and amendments. The issue of factions became a threat to the sovereignty of the constitution. While this is an ever-present problem to the constitution of the day and the natural order of the American government, James Madison became very much worried about its immediate and long-term impact on the normal processes within the country. But what were his fears? What were his worries? Through analysis of three aspects, there is going to be a look at how the constitution has controlled factions.
James Madison was worried about the creation of factions either for or against the government. Factions in simple are cliques of individuals who form a group that advocates for certain interests or goals. These interests in most cases are usually selfish, or for their own benefit, and it doesn’t therefore matter whether the interests are for or against the nation’s interests. James Madison, in his argument, The Federalist 10, brings to the fore the fact that creation of factions is a normal human phenomenon (Endicott). These factions are created out of a difference ideologies, be it religious, racial or economic.
Madison holds that the unbalanced accumulation and distribution of wealth is the biggest creator of factions. His worry is that with this uneven distribution, the nation will be under control by these factions, most inevitably the wealthiest of them (Endicott). Factions will always grow stringer with the continued efforts of lobbying and pulling the strings towards these individuals’ own sides. With his argument in The Federalist however, Madison doesnâ€...
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