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Soloman bar Samson: The Crusaders in Mainz (Reaction Paper Sample)


This is a Primary Source Paper.
I would like a paper written using the file I have attached as a source. The link to the Website where the source is from is in the file I have attached.
I would like the paper to have...
- An introduction to the topic
- A brief Summary of the source
- What time period of World History it is
- Why the contents of the source are significant in World History
- What you find most interesting in the source (feel free to use your personal opinion)
- And the lasting effects of the contents of the source, if any


Student’s Name
Professor’s Name
Solomon bar Samson: The Crusaders in Mainz
Religion matters have been one of the most competitive fields due to the many different religious beliefs around the world. The traditional societies had been so keen on their religious matters since; they were concerned with serving their creator. Israel and its cities such as Jerusalem is known to be the home of God’s chosen people, who faced constant rebellions from the surrounding Islamic nations. The source herein discusses a war attack waged against the Israelites by the crusaders in Mainz, who slain every person as a sacrifice to their creator.
A Brief Summary of the Source
The source narrates the war between Jews and their enemy made of band of crusaders led by Emico. The war began in 1095 when the Catholic Church in Israel faced a f

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