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Impacts of the World War I Reaction Assignemnt (Reaction Paper Sample)


Chapter 12 (World War I) on: 
Chapter 13 (Europe 1918 to 1945) on: 
The Global Effect of WWI by Prof. David Bennett: 
Balfour Declaration (1917) by Arthur James Balfour.
Treaty of Versailles and Article 231: War Guilt Clause.
Speech on the Treaty of Versailles (1923) by Hitler.
These are the sources I would like you to work from. Have a clear thesis and must be in MLA format double spaced . Cited and a work cited page in alphabetical order. Thank you!


Impacts of the World War I
The complexity of world war 1 is closely related to the theorized causes and the lengthy period over which the tension lasted before it escalated into war. On June 28, 1914, the war broke out, with various alliances being formed. Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman empire, popularly known as the central powers fought against the allied powers, comprised of the Great Britain, Russia, France, Japan, Romania, United States and Italy (Wikibooks). The impacts of world war 1 were immense and led to the Russian revolution, deaths of millions of soldiers, the collapse of empires such as the German empire, and restructuring of the political order among the European countries.
Germany was blamed for starting the war, and this was presented in the Treaty of the Versailles, popularly referred to as the War Guilt Clause. The German government was punished harshly and was expected to pay a sum of money that would compensate for the war damages (Facing History). German was unable to pay the huge sums of money, and France seized its key industrial areas in the Ruhr Valley as payback. Among other problems included widespread poverty and hunger in the country and political chaos as the political groups fought for the power (Wikibooks). Later, Hi

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