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Germany and the germans (Reaction Paper Sample)

Hi writer, I need a reaction paper about the perspective of David cole on the Holocaust, and the link for the documentary is attached. http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=PTz71TOFoGs Thank you source..
Despite allegations being made Holocaust is fake, it is important to recognize what has been said about Second World War. The war is claimed to have led to death of many Jews where the author claims there were plans to get the tribe into extinct. The topic on holocaust is one of the areas that have raised many eyebrows with many people finding it inhumane for such large number of people to have been gassed in the gassing chamber. How then can the facts presented determine the truth of the facts and the allegations presented? It leaves many black spots that have not been unearthed to date. The discussion in this paper will be a reaction on the allegations made by David Cole that Holocaust is fake part 1.
The unconfirmed claims that suggests that 6 million Jews and 5 million non Jew being killed by use of gas is a mystery that has not been resolved to date. According to the author, the evidence presented does not succinctly confirm to the large number of people who died during the period. My feelings on the authors` allegation are lack of subsequent evidence to challenge the current evidence. The author fails to convince the viewers why the current evidence cannot be relied upon. The diagrammatic layout of the camp shows there were many barracks where people were detained and in one photo, the image of a person lying down is a sign that many people died during that era. The author further tells us many buildings are not in their original state, which might be part of the evidence to challenge the reliability of information we have taken to be the naked truth for many years. Such allegations can confirm whether the story of Holocaust was war propaganda or not. Although he argues that those interviewed indicate presence of gassing at Dachau camp, where no gas chambers were found, the bottom line is the fact that such actions took place, even if not at that particular camp. Those interviewed among them the soldiers affirm there were many deaths from the act of gassing.
The author seems to have some evidence that shows existence of gaps between what most people have been made to believe in...
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