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What Happened To And How Were Gay People Labeled In Nazi Germany? How Did Nazi's Justify Their Actions? (Reaction Paper Sample)


Search the Holocaust Encyclopedia for such phrases as “racism”, “Social Darwinism”, “propaganda” or any topic of interest related to the Holocaust at:
Speech to SS Leaders (Poland, 1943) by Himmler.
[Gay People] and the Third Reich by James Steakley.
Please right in MLA format double spaced. Use these three sources I've given. Please cited and have a work cited page in alphabetical order. Also make a very clear thesis. Thank you!


Date of Submission
Gay People in Nazi Germany
Antisemitism was profound during the Nazi Germany. During this time, the economy, culture, education, and laws became aligned to Nazi goals. Inequality took over with the white race being superior to the rest creating a social Darwinism society (Encyclopedia). Amidst, the very attributable racial differences, suppressed behavioral characteristics took effect. Homosexuality was seen as uncouth and measures were taken to wipe out such practices in order to maintain the purity and growth of the Germany people. Therefore, this paper aims at evaluating the labeling of the gay people in this kind of society and the justification of Nazi's actions.
Nazi regime regarded homosexuality as a social vice that would hinder Germany's efforts to gain superiority in the racial struggle. According to Nazi, growth in population was a deterministic feature to attain recognition as a race. Thus, discouraging gay behaviors would encourage multiplication through childbearing. Upon gaining power, Nazi deepened the oppression of German male homosexuals. Dissolution of gay institutions, labeling them and confining them to concentration camps were some of the prosecution mechanism employed by the Nazi regime to wipe out homosexuality.
The Nazi's branded gays as “contagion” carriers as they weakened the growth of the Aryan population that was considered pure. Banning gay practices would promote in-ma

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