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What Happened To Africans During European Colonialism (Reaction Paper Sample)

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The White Man's Burden (1899) by Rudyard Kipling
The Impact of European Colonialism on Africa (2013) by V. Khapoya.
- These are the sources I would like you to work from. MLA format doubled spaced. A full two pages! Also cite the sources! Thank you.


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How does the "white man's burden" by Kipling compare to what happened to Africans during European colonialism? What ‘burdens' did Africans have?
“White Man's Burden” is a famous poem written by Rudyard Kipling. Kipling was a famous author around the turn of Century. The author was a pro-Imperialist writer who won many awards including Nobel Prize for his literary work. In his famous poem, White Man's Burden, Kipling is strongly suggesting how the Imperialism is the best endeavor for the United States. He rhetorically states that “Take up the White Man's Burden” and “To serve your captives' need." The lyrics and quotes of Kipling demonstrate his thoughts about the responsibility of United States to the Philippines. The United States should help the Philippines by efficiently serving their need. The Britain writer reminds the United States of his poem to be done with childish days. In other words, it is the sole responsibilities of the United States to civilize Philippines (Khapoya, pg. 134). This paper will evaluate how the "White Man's Burden" by Kipling compare to what happened to Africans during European Colonialism and what burdens did Africans have?
Imperialism system of administration focusses on the use of diplomacy or military force to expand the spheres of influences. The Europeans nations, for instance, were the first colonial to expand their territory into Africa. During the struggle for the African States, the majority of

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