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This Is Really Important: It Is An Academic Apology For A Punishment (Reaction Paper Sample)


I got in unjust trouble for something in my dorm room awhile back.
I can't get out of it and have been penalized.
My punishment is basically to write this paper.
So you are familiar with what happened, I had a "tobacco" grinder in my dorm, with a little marijuana residue on it. They didn't count any substance being inside of the paraphernalia since it was just residue. I guess I just can't have an herb grinder in the dorm. Some RA's found it and reported it.
Anyways, you are not supposed to have any smoking paraphernalia in the housing I guess--even though we're adults.
I live off campus in an apartment now by choice and 'learned my restraint' (example of what you should write about)
The story behind the grinder is that I moved it from California to my dorm room in New York; I used it as pure memorabilia, not to smoke. You still have to acknowledge why having it was wrong though, I guess.
So let me know if you have any other questions about the real-life situation. This is a liberal arts school, but I guess they took this seriously. I feel this is unfair, but I can't write about it like that. I must show remorse & a sign of learning from this mistake.
Just write eloquently, apologetic, & as if I've learned something from this.
Here's the university's prompt:
On December 13, 2017, we met to discuss your alleged involvement and/or knowledge of violations of University Residential Life and Housing Services policies during an incident on November 13, 2017.
Based on our conversation and my review of the incident, I have determined that you are responsible for the following violations:
Residential Life/A.09b Possession of smoking devices, including but not limited to, water pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and hookahs, in violation of residence hall substance or smoking policies
As you have been found responsible for violating the University's Residential Life and Housing Services Policy you have been assigned the following sanctions:
1. Educational Project - Decision Making Reflection:
(keep in mind this is in New York at an arts school)
Reflect upon the situation that led to this sanction, focusing specifically on your own decision making process and how you will move forward from this incident. You can use the following questions as a guide to your essay: How did you allow the policies and laws to impact your decisions? What were the intended and unintended consequences of your actions? If faced with a similar situation, how would your actions be similar or different? What issues would you consider? What did you learn and how do you think you may have grown or changed as a result of the situation and your reflection on this situation? Your paper should be 2-3 pages (500 word minimum) typed in a standard 12-point font, with no larger than 1-inch margins, and saved as either a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF file.
(Please make it so that it will please the administration. Thank you so much.)
Here are the actual policies for reference on what I did 'wrong':


A few weeks ago, I was reported to the administration of this housing for having committed a violation of the rules and policies. RA's reported my possession of a mini tobacco grinder when they checked my room. It was not in my intention to break any rule or policy and I admit that it was due to my poor decisions that this instance has happened. I am truly sorry for not being to uphold my responsibilities and duties as member of this institution. I am asking for your understanding regarding this case and please be assured that I will do whatever I can to right whatever wrong I did.
There are many lessons that I can pick up from this scenario and it all boils down to critical thinking and decision making. Although there were a lot that influenced my choices, my arrogance and disregard about the policies of the dorm went beyond my decision making skills. My poor decision was to keep the grinder even though it was clearly stated in the policy that such items are banned from this dormitory, it was by my own negligence of not being able to check the policies and rules of the housing, that I was put to this situation. I kept that mini grinder as memorabilia only, and I did not use it to smoke cannabis or tobacco. It was only out of my drawer during that time, because I was moving, without the intention of using it to smoke inside the premises. My focus has always been on my academic life. I know that at the core of the policies that are imposed by the dorm, is the intention of maintaining peace, order and security within the premises. It is part of my responsibility to adhere to the rules and the policies in order to promote the welfare and well-being not only of myself but of all other tenants who share this home with me.

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