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Visual Analysis of Works of Art Reaction Assignment (Reaction Paper Sample)


In a few sentences, Identify the Formal Visual Analysis of four works of art. The four works of art being, The Adoration of the Shepherds with Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Cigoli, The Vocation of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga” by Guercino, "Tobias Curing His Father's Blindness" by Bernardo Strozzi, and “Holy Family with Saint Elizabeth, Saint John, and a Dove” by Peter Paul Rubens. Visually analyze these works by discussing the formal elements and principles of design such as the color scheme, line, repetition, counter balance, texture, lighting, harmony etc. Also compare and contrast these works of art to another artist or artwork created between the Late Gothic Period 1260 to the present day.

Visual Analysis of Works of Art
The four works of visual arts were commonly made of paintings using oil canvas. Many different radiating colors were used which were appealing to the eyes. Basing on the first visual picture, Adoration of Shepherds with Saint Catherine of Alexandria is among the four visual works of the artist painted by Cigoli in 1599. The painting was introduced to Florentine, a new emotional warmth and emphasis of color based on the works of Barocci and Titian. The medium that was used to make the painting was oil on canvas with dimensions of 121 3/8 by 76 1/4 in (308.3 by 193.7 cm).The details were taken from the nature directly. Various colors were used to make the document for instance white, orange, and red which were radiating colorsCITATION The \p \l 1033 (The Metropolitan Museum of Art Guide Another visual work is by Guercino which was known as the vocation of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. The medium used was oil on canvas. Classified as a painting which was made in 1650 with dimensions of 140 x 106 (355.6 x 269.2 cm). Colors such as white, green, red were used. In the painting, the angel holds a heavenly wreath over the head of ...
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