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Critiquing Dance Performances: A Line Between Two Points (Reaction Paper Sample)


Choreography:Hui Guangming
Performer is his and his wife
Modern dance
This is the link for that dance performance :
This video wont be that clear, because.... it was prohibited to videotape.... So.I tried my best.. go easy with this video>.>
sorry for the inconvenience
This performance starts at 7:20 p.m. 10/6
name of the festival: 2017 Dumbo Dance Festival
The choreographer is Guangming Hui
Performed by Guangming Hui and his wife
The name of the performance: A line between tow points
Type of dance: Modern Dance
Choreography by GuangLei Hui(edited)
Dance by the GuangLei Hui and Yahui Lu


Professor’s name
The pledge
Critiquing viewing Dance and Dance Performances: “A Line Between Two Points”
One can expect anything while watching dance performance; and the more unexpected the dance moves, the more exciting it is to watch, while one needs to watch keenly to understand the different dance forms. “A Line Between Two Points” was one such dance performed at the 2017 Dumbo Dance Festival, whereby the dance choreographers and dancers were the duet couple of Guanglei Hui and Yahui Lu. The duet synchronized their moves positioning their bodies and using the power of gravity to support each other. The two choreographers and dancers performed and incorporated elements of classical ballet in a modern dance.
While the most important elements in dance performances are the movements, and the dancers are supporting elements like costumes, music and lighting are also essential aspects of the total experience (Oliver 72).. ‘A Line Between Two Points’ is a modern dance and the duet is a couple who had previously performed together. The beginning was characterized with Guanglei Hui facing forward and Yahui Lu facing backwards before they both stretched their hands. The two danced close to each other and this highlighted the theme of closeness despite beginning the dance between two lines. The tempo of the music was mostly slow and only increased slightly when the dancers made more elaborate dance moves. At one moment, Guanglei Hui and Yahui Lu stayed in a fetal position momentarily and then rose up slowly in unison. The two then moved part and when they got closer this signaled they were to start other dance moves.
The dance movements seemed to represent togetherness and even when each of the dancers drops to the floor, this is done gently with precision leaving the impression that the process and outcome intentions ar

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