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Effective leadership of teams: establishing goals and guiding rules (Reaction Paper Sample)

This is a Reflective Log I will upload files that will help to understand what I want You will find: 1-feedback from the tutor 2-presentation slides (my slides are 1-8) 3-Guideline 4- My speech in the presentation source..

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(14, April, 2011)
Effective leadership of teams
As an effective leader I was able to influences other in our group and gave me an opportunity of establishing goals and guiding rules which enabled them to achieve its goals and objectives in a more effective way possible. Whereas leadership, which is effective to the team, is the art of managing and developing strategies that can be followed in an organization to ensure that it is successful (Guy, 2009). This is done through shaping an organization and guiding through the path to success.
In the process of our preparations and we realized its important to incorporate traits of effective team leader. Regardless of the size of the groups either small or large, the good leadership skills which we instilled in the group enabled us to plan appropriately to be able to meet our goals and objectives. Due to effective leadership the team productivity increased and it realized their goals at a cost effective method and at fast rate. Therefore, to ensure that the team leaders who were ensuring people meet these merits were showing certain traits. Most of the traits which I used are being;
Trustworthy by ensuring that the objective of the team is met with enthusiasm that is required, all the members of the team are required to trust on their team leaders. This enabled the team members to have freedom to approach me and discuss their problems effectively making it possible to settle any dispute in the team.
I was also practiced objectivity which enabled me to be able to correct opinion in any situation of the team. It proved to motivating when the team was capable of realizing that as their team leader I was not predetermined side in case of any difficulty in the team (Guy, 2009). This enabled them to work at a very high morale therefore I was accorded a lot of respect from the team members.
I ensured that I motivated the team members who required being motivated to ensure that they are able to rise against all challenges that they meet in achieving their goals which were set. This is a function of leaders and he/she will always see bigger things met through offering motivation to team members. It was my role as the team leader always to know what technique work well with the team I was leading and to each individual of the team.
Being analytical enabled me to learn the team very fast, as I was able to see the challenges that the team was experiencing. Hence, being able to identify the best approach towards the problem and afterward make a clear decision that worked out well with the team. Through good analysis of every situation, I offered confidence to each and every team member to execute the decision that has been developed without hesitation.
Self assurance was very instrumental in the project this is a trait which ensured that the decisions I was making as a team leader overc...
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