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Effective leadership of teams: Reflective Log English (U.K.) Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)

This is a Reflective Log I will upload files that will help to understand what I want You will find: 1-feedback from the tutor 2-presentation slides (my slides are 9-14) 3-Guideline 4- My speech in the presentation source..
Effective leadership of teams
1.      Introduction.
My personal strength lies in the interpersonal effectiveness that seems to be internalized in my personality, due to my interpersonal effectiveness nature I always have the capability of as an individual to do things, I influence others in most cases, and I also do things in a competent manner. As a result of my personality it gives me a chance to exercise my Leadership skills through the constant creation of awareness, my abilities and being committed in my endeavors, through my awareness am always conscious with whatever am doing. I have the ability to recognize myself, others, events and the situations in the real time. I a m able to assess the impacts of various actions on the situations and to other people. Am always in a state of critical self-reflection. This has enabled me development through a process which is shaped by my experience, ability to communicate effectively, self discovery and feedback.( Kenny, 2003)
During the preparation process I realized that I have the ability to learn and understand the leadership issues through my ability to lead through the influence due to communication, conflict resolution and the ability to analyze the problems and make sound decisions. As a member of a team, i influenced my teammates in a collaborative effort to find better ideas and solve problems.
As a leader I was very much committed, I believe in the philosophy that full awareness leads to maturity by recognizing that one`s decisions make a big difference, be it positively or negatively, in the lives of others, therefore any attempt to solve a given problem might create a sense of negative impact on some, while helping other people. My determination is make right decisions even in a very hard no-win scenarios.
my personal learning style is through sharing I Learn a lot when share with others especially in group discussions and giving out speeches to various audiences, I thought I would have contributed a lot to the group assignment on the part of leadership styles and qualities, it was the best opportunity to enable me learn by sharing and at the same time orient myself with various leadership styles.
2.      Process
At the beginning, We had scheduled our meetings to be everyday during the evening hours for maximum of two hours, we assigned sections as follows, during the presentation we were well prepared, on my part I was very confident, I enjoyed the whole session of our presentation, my partners had been well prepared, I liked the response from our audience.
3.      Analysis of Learning
The initial sessions of o...
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