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Effective leadership of teams (Reaction Paper Sample)

This is a Reflective Log I will upload files that will help to understand what I want You will find: 1-feedback from the tutor 2-presentation slides (my slides are 15-20) 3-Guideline 4- My speech in the presentation source..

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(14, April, 2011)
Effective leadership of teams
During the presentation workshop on effective leadership of teams some of my personal strengths include d being able to communicate effectively on behalf the group thus fostering the effectiveness of teamwork where other members are reinforced through sharing of roles at all levels of operation. Moreover, personally I was able to deliver a fluent speech regarding the topic that had been done by the group ensuring that what was contributed by each team member was considered thus promoting satisfaction on all quotas. Also I was able o engage the crowd through asking of question that made the presentation appealing. On the other hand my personal weakness include not being able to make the presentation as appealing as possible by taking more time making explanations rather that utilizing the group to air on their views first and what they felt about my leadership style and on the elements of topic of interest which was effective leadership and teamwork.
The process of preparing as well as delivering on the presentation workshop on the topic of effective leadership and teamwork involved selection of the team or the group which involved members from both genders and the section was randomly stratified ensuring that it was gender sensitive and avoided discrimination of other student in the class. A meeting was then scheduled when the task at hand was previewed and ways of delivery on time were brainstormed ensuring that every member on the team gave his or her idea. The strategies accepted by the entire group were adopted and it included doing of initial persona research on effectiveness of headship and teamwork followed by a group discussion where designated secretary under the leadership of the team leaders were drafted and final copy of the results edited and entered into the slides ready fro presentation. At the course of the task creativity, satisfaction of all members, skills and support formed the core principles of operation and it facilitated speedy deliverance of the tasks at hand as scheduled (Parker, 2009).
Analysis of Learning
In delivering the previous assignment of presentation of the group work assignment ion the topic of leadership and teamwork there are several lessons I learnt and some of my achievements as ii regard to the presentation include the following: firstly regarding the learning objective of the managed to give a comprehensive outline of what I was to present and covered all the required sections. Having successfully outlined the areas to be covered in the presentation I did encounter some difficulties which basically included a wider choice of topic limiting my abilities to cover the topic in finer details fro instance the topic of leadership and team work was rather wide and made me to cover the topic in a more v...
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