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Said Edward History and Overlapping Territories (Reaction Paper Sample)


you must write a 6 sentence précis on a reading. the instructions for the précis as well as the reading are attached with this.
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Week 5 Response
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Response paper
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Said Edward, history, and Overlapping Territories, Intertwined Histories (2014) claims that there is a need to understand entirely the past experience of the past events because past events that always inform the present activities. This is another way of explaining that people’s understanding and perception of the present period has been influenced by the past events. Said argues that imperialism is not only tied to economic gain but also is intrinsically connected to the culture. Said refers imperialism as the practice of settling on/occupying and controlling lands which belonged to others. Imperialism is what led to colonialism in the past.
By tracing the development of European colonialism, Said connected the “Age of Empire” to the globalization process to illustrate how the cultural imperialism operated during the colonial era and showed how the impacts of such past experiences (European colonialism) informed the present global era. Commonly known as American “greatness,” United States also participated in the imperialism and was involved in the post-WWII Era in imperialist initiatives throughout the world. Although, direct colonialism has come to an end in the contemporary context, said justifies that imperialism still functions particularly in the cultural sphere.
His purpose is to show...
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