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Sociology Reading Analysis (Anorexia Nervosa And Bulimia) (Reaction Paper Sample)


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Sociologists have studied those who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia, and social construction is a reality. When they say that someone is socially constructed, it means that there is a seemingly natural idea or notion to people who entertain it but it does not mean they represent reality all the time. This is an indication that mostly, an invention or artifice, the meaning is socially constructed.
Deviance is claimed to be relative because the situation becomes it basis and the person who perceives deviance. Based on the labeling theory, people can either say an act is deviant or normal. The labelling theory emphasizes that deviance is a term considered relative and based on this perspective, people’s deviance come from their reaction towards act. According to this theory, there are 2 kinds of deviance: Primary and Secondary. Primary deviance is the result of deviant behavior episodes that a lot of people are participants. On the other hand, secondary deviance happens when someone turns that deviant behavior into something that will lead to a negativity in social label that alters a person’s concept of self and social identity otherwise known as stigma.
It becomes socially constructed when it is present in the connections between social normal that show up in a certain place, time, situation, and group. This is not considering how heinous an act is, there is no such thing as inherent deviance in behavior. The explanation of deviant behavior is not answerable in a straightforward manner and follows the sociological approach to deviance. It is because deviance is based on social context. To better understand why some acts are deviant or not, it is important to understand its context such as its rules, and how they came about. If there is a change in the rules, the definition of deviance is changed. While rules and norms change through time and cultures, it only means that notions of deviance are not permanent.
When social deviance comes to mind, there are typical behaviors that fall under this category. These are heroism, nose picking, and inappropriate way of dressing up. Primary deviance examples are robbery, rape, theft, assault, and other crimes.
One of the examples mentioned is rape and it is considered to be a major deviant act in the 21st century. It is universally criminalized and its average sentence is only surpassed by murder. In paradox, there is a rape culture that is prevalent, which is an attitude that makes sexual assault trivial or normal. This is a factor to sociologica...
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