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Forum Digest / Reflection: The Sandwich Generation (Reaction Paper Sample)


The purpose of this assignment is to allow you to reflect on how your thinking has changed over the course of the discussion forums. You are to analyze what you wrote and discuss how your ideas have remained the same and/or changed during the class. Please quote examples from your postings and others to support what you suggest. Your response should be no more than 1000 words in length.

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The Sandwich Generation
As a student, I have engaged in several courses that have continuously stretched mu abilities to think critically. However, there are units in a course that remain impressive regardless of how many times you have to read, and in my case, it is Sandwich generation. Sandwich generation has always been one of the fascinating topics bearing in mind the fact that it deals with authentic life issues. However, as much I contemplated I was familiar with the matter, after going through the course, I noticed that there is a lot that surrounds the sandwich generation that I was not aware. Through the deliberations, there is a lot I gained and it is unambiguous that I have am acquainted with all the elements of the sandwich generation. The forums have also distorted my thinking about a sandwich generation after coming across comprehensive ideas in the forums. The following reflection is an in-depth review of Sandwich generation, and how this has altered my knowledge about the topic.
The forums delved into exceptional content about sandwich generation, and throughout the progression of the course, there were imperative questions that were discussed. This is the question triggered my mind, and it is here that I realized there is a lot about the topic that I need to understand. One of the central issues that I was attentive was about the role of government in helping the Sandwich generation to deal with the challenges that they are facing. Like any other generation, the sandwich generation is vulnerable to all sorts of problems, but the primary concern was, is the government doing anything to help this generation? However, through the responses that were provided, it is clear that the government has provided an extra hand to help the homes that are caring for the elders. I was also important to learn that the aid of the government towards the sandwich generation is something that has been there for many years. Although it was not statistically proven, it is a liberation to find out that actually, the government is doing something to help the generation. It was a concern that had bothered me for years as I thought the government did not recognize the generation.
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