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Innovation Diffusion as Spatial Process (Reaction Paper Sample)


half a page summary/reflection on each chapter. for about 6 sentences for each 1-paragraph: 3 sentences to summarize or state the main ideas of the reading, and 3 sentences to reflect on important points that stood out to you or that you could relate to other classes/readings).
To clarify, 6 sentences paragraph on Törsten Hägerstrand - Key Texts, Ch. 1 “Innovation Diffusion as Spatial Process” and the other paragraph on William Bunge - Key Texts, Ch. 2 “Theoretical Geography”. Please, each paragraph should not exceed 6 or 7 sentences(half a page).
try to make note while you are reading each short chapter because it would make it easier for you.
I need an excellent work because this is a long-term assignment. Every week I will submit 2 or 3 short chapters.
I prefer that the writer to be specialize in Geography.
No citation is needed.


Summary/Reflection of Chapter 1 (Innovation Diffusion as Spatial Process)
Chapter 1 looks into the diffusion of innovations, specifically the origin and spread/propagation of cultural originalities. Humans living in different parts of the world develop cultural proclivities that disseminate into different parts. Indeed, culture is an indispensable aspect of human activities and its integration and propagation over the years has attracted interest from top scholars including Törsten Hägerstrand. In the Swedish version of his research, Torsten looks into the varying extent of cultural propagation using six indicators that are widely accepted by many people. The English version contained evaluation models introduced the essential research aspect of simulations. Importantly, both these versions emphasized the notion that proximi...
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