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Genetic Screening in the Workplace (Reaction Paper Sample)


Please read this article and write a one page paper that identifies the unique ethical issue, the ethical dilemma and the traditional theories that will be used to suggest potential resolution of the dilemmas. Discuss the ethical dilemma in detail. 
Use the following sources and additional if needed:


Genetic Screening in the Workplace
Genetic Screening in the Workplace
Genetic test detects the presence of genetic abnormalities in the body to determine the risk of developing certain diseases (Hurd, 1990). Based on several research there are fifty genetic disorders that can increase individuals susceptibility to certain toxic agents. For example, individuals with sickle cell traits may be at risk of developing anemia when exposed to carbon monoxide. Genetic screening is often encouraged as a way of reducing incidence of certain occupational diseases. Based on these facts most employers use information from genetic screening to ensure that prospective employees are placed in a safe working environment. Being that genetic testing is advanced technology that saves lives however it has been burdened with ethical threats. Workers being subjected to genetic testing has been considered to be immoral and invasion of privacy (Hurd, 1990).
It is no...
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