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Women and Substance Abuse: Gender, Age, and Cultural Considerations (Reaction Paper Sample)


Each student will also be expected to prepare four, two-page reaction papers consisting of reactions to ALL of the assigned readings for weeks six, seven, eight, and ten. Rather than summarize the readings, these short papers should reflect your intellectual and/or emotional reactions to the major points covered in these readings. Another way to approach these reaction papers is to identify one or more key points/themes in the reading that struck you as powerful, moving, or, otherwise, worthy of attention. Though these papers can be written in the voice of the first person, they should reflect graduate-level work. Students should be prepared to discuss the readings and their reactions to them. Papers should be submitted online in Canvas before the class period in which they are due.
They should be double-spaced typed and in 12-point, Times New Roman font. The maximum credit for each reaction paper is four points. Point deductions are often the result of writing errors and students failing to use their fully allotted two pages for their paper.


Women and Substance Abuse
In the article, Women and Substance Abuse: Gender, Age, and Cultural Considerations, the authors present an argument about that there is a major difference in substance abuse between men and women. These differences are caused by gender differences in physiology, psychology and other social factors. In our societies, we do not expect women to engage in drug abuse due to social factors. We expect women to take care of the family and the best way of taking care of the family is bringing up children in the right way and always informing them on the effects of substance use. The above expectations are in line with the findings of the research contained in the article. The percentage of the women who use substances is lower as compared to men who use the substances.
Even though the findings are true to a certain point, we can all agree that in recent cases, the number of women who engage in substance abuse has increased. One of the reasons contributing to this increase of substance use by women are the physiological factors. As the authors note, women use substances when they are pregnant for different reasons. Some of them even use it for an improvement of their mood. In addition, research pints out that women who take puffs of smoke experience an improvement of their mood as compared to men and this makes it difficult for them to quitCITATION Sal09 \p 346 \l 1033 (Sally, Rosi and Bridge 346). Something that also comes into light on substance abuse among women is that it can vary according to the culture of the ethnic group. There are some cultures where you find that the use of some substances by women is part of their tradition. However, such cultures often have limitations on how women should use drugs. They c

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