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Emergence of Modern Geography (Reaction Paper Sample)


half a page summary/reflection on attached chapter. for about 6 sentences for the paragraph: 3 sentences to summarize or state the main ideas of the reading, and 3 sentences to reflect on important points that stood out to you or that you could relate to other classes/readings).
the paragraph should not exceed 6 sentences
try to make note while you are reading each short chapter because it would make it easier for you.


Emergence of Modern Geography
Emergence of Modern Geography
The knowledge on geography cherished in the contemporary world has gone through various stages of development. Philosophers and different scholars have played an important part in establishing the current knowledge base in geography. The early philosophers, for instance, Kant, played a great role in the acquisition and documentation of facts about geography by influencing the thoughts of his students. Kant argued that one’s perception of things and or items or phenomena usually influenced the outcome of their thinking. Through the process of criticizing the thoughts of Kant on absolute space, the significance of physical geography in relation to the other aspects of geography was determined. Humboldt and Ritter are other key influential scholars in the development of modern geography. Humboldt majored on the study of the physical geography of the world through his travels across continents of the world. He was thus referred to as the father of the systematic geography. Ritter, on the other hand, concentrated on regional geography.
Accordingly, theories on evolution by Darwin and Lamarck influenced the knowledge documented on modern geography. Darwin suggested that organism’s existence is largely influenced by the process of natural selection while Lamarck also suggested that the genetic makeup of an organism is factor of the environment. What stood out for me were the theories by Darwin and Lamarck. These theories led to the development of geopolitics and geomorp...
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