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Leadership: Chief Human Resource Officer Of Rai Electronics (Reaction Paper Sample)


Articles about the leadership to interview a person-specific problem in the annex
Leadership Style Interview – Choose someone who has had experience in leading within an organization and ask them if you could interview them by phone or in person. The interview should take about 30 minutes. Be sure to take notes during the interview.
Use the following questions when you conduct the interview (feel free to ask other questions as well):
1. Ask the leader to consider a time when they faced a challenging situation at work that demanded that they grow as a leader. Ask them to briefly describe the situation. Why was it challenging and what was at stake? What tensions and conflicts were at play?
2. Ask them to explain the three (or more) most important actions they took as a leader to address the situation. What were the kinds of things they did that made a difference? How did they decide on a best course of action? Who helped them to formulate a strategy?
3. Ask the leader what kind of resistance did they face and from whom? How did they overcome that resistance? In hindsight, what, if anything, might they have done differently?
4. Ask them to speak personally and comment on how they were feeling entering the situation and how their feelings may have changed during the experience.
5. Ask them to share some of their own thoughts on what they think it means to be an effective leader.
After the interview, thank them for their time and be sure to send them a personalized thank you note.
Once you have completed this interview the next step is to write your analysis, please include the following:
Leader Name, Title, Position, Department
A Mini Bio of the person interviewed (less than 5 lines)
How do you know this leader? How did you get the interview?
Was it a pleasant experience or did you think it was hard?
Will there be any follow-up?
NEXT - Write a description of the situation, the leader's tactics/strategies and outcomes, as well as your own conclusion summarizing what the key learning points that emerged for you from this interview. What did you learn about their leadership styles? Connect 5 principles (practices) within the text to their style of leadership? What did you learn about yourself? How did this interview help to foster your own philosophy of leadership?
Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length and should represent a written presentation of the interview (with an emphasis on Leadership Style)


Student's Name
Institutional Affiliation
David Kerry works in the human resource department as the Chief human resource officer of Rai Electronics, a company that deals in electrical appliances. Kerry is 45 years old residing in Texas and. He was the youngest chief human resource officer at Rai Electronic at the age of 29 and has been in this office for 16 years now. I knew this leader through a friend of mine who is related to him. I talked to my friend about the interview and he told him about it. He accepted to take part and my friend introduced me to him via phone where he gave me an appointment. He told me the interview has to be done over the phone because of logistical issues. The experience was not in any way hard or stressful and I enjoyed it. It was a very pleasant personal experience. I made sure that I touched on all the necessary topics to avoid a follow-up because he is a busy man and getting time for a follow-up would be very hard. Therefore, there will be no follow-up.
Kerry once found himself in a situation where two different departments were entangled in a conflict. Rai Electronics' sales department and design department were involved in a conflict that was sparked by the fact that the sales team was not involved in the new design being done to improve the existing refrigerator type. When management wanted improvements done on the refrigerator, the design team strategized and begun working on it without consulting the sales team and this angered them. Kerry says to solve this situation; it demanded him to grow as a leader because of the challenges that were involved. Kerry believes it was challenging because there is always more at stake when the sales department is in conflict with other departments. Another challenge was that he had to solve this without taking sides or seeming like he is. The company depends on sales for profits and when sales and design departments are in conflict, the sales are going to be affected. The tensions and conflict at play were that the sales department felt left out and disrespected while the design department did not feel it was their responsibility to involve the sales team in the designing processes.
First, Kerry met the departmental heads of the sales and design teams to understand the manner of the conflict and the severity of it. After understanding the facts involved, he met the members of each department as a group separately to get full information from them. The insights he got from the meetings were enough to strategize on the best way to deal with the problem.
He then decided to meet them all and talk about the importance of teamwork, company objectives, and company values and culture. This was done in a meeting that was attended by both teams at the same time. He e

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