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Black Lives Matter Response (Reaction Paper Sample)


We have become all too familiar with the slogan “Black Lives Matter” due to the clear and shocking mistreatment and abuse of African American males by police. Police brutality in the African American community is nothing new. However, it has gone further then simply police brutality. Black men are being murdered publicly by police. These events have been caught on video and are circulating all over the world making this a worldwide movement. The militarization of police has created a gap between police enforcement and their communities. The jail system is also another form Black lives are taken. There is clear racism in the industrial system.

This essay explains the origins of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, what police militarization and institutional racism mean and what the writer feels about these. The essay is well thought out and the ideas are well presented. I agree with the fact that the police have been flaunting the third and fourth policies of democratic policing. No single policeman should take up the roles of law enforcement, jury, judge and executioner all at once. The police are there to help the law take its course, not be the law. The fact that some of them can look at a person and write them off with no good reason apart from having the ‘wrong skin colour’ is heartbreaking. It means that something went remiss in that the government hired a broken trigger happy person with deep rooted psychological issues that went unnoticed until some innocent person got killed. What happens after is even worse. No one is held accountable. The authorities that be do not even try to pinpoint the reasons behind the cops behaviour. They do not punish him. They do not give him a psyche evaluation. They do not bench him. This simply means that the cop is a ticking time bomb waiting for the right trigger.
Nonetheless, in this paper, jailing is not the issue under ...
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