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Active Listening Assignment: Skill, Technique, Your Mood (Reaction Paper Sample)


1. Be attentive.
Spend time actively listening to another human being. Give them the gift of your undivided attention. Give them the gift of actually being heard and understood.
3. You may choose anyone you wish to do this with,friend,lover,family member, acquaintance, or a stranger.
4. Before you began note:
a. Your mood beginning this assignment.
b. Your mood ending this assignment.
5. Spend time in engaged conversation with the person you choose.
6. You should focus completely on your partner. Do not make value judgments; do not think about your point of view. Just listen to the person, ask open ended questions to keep the conversation going. In your own words reflect back to them not only what they say but the meaning and depth of the intent/meaning/feel behind their words.
7. Do not take notes. Just be present to the person you are speaking.
8. The purpose of this assignment is to practice just actively listening to someone.
9. Active listening is a skill, a technique it requires focus and practice. It requires checking your ego. Do not impose your ideas, views, feelings, attitudes, or beliefs; instead hear what the other person is communicating.
10. After reflect on the experience and discuss the process for both you and your partner.
11. Did the process change during the course of your conversation? How? Why?
12. What did you learn about them?


Active Listening
Institution of Affiliation
Active Listening
Listening is a very complicated process. It is believed to be the most crucial part of every communication. There are several reasons attached to listening thus being referred to as process as observed in our conversation. Initially, listening needs a lot of attention. In this stage of listening, as a listener, it was time to gather on the sentences and ideas which will be used in the next stage of listening and communication which entailed the interpretation. The choice of the words is crucial as they are already there but the information being fed to me by my friend determined the type of feedback I was to give. He was feeding me with some ideas which I needed to replicate and then give a relevant feedback concerning the idea. Occasionally the speaker at some stage demanded that I should be attentive.
The next stage in the process of listening is interpretation. I had to formulate the meanings of the ideas which the speaker or the partner was narrating to me. The interpretation is very key in communication. Most of the information which my friend needed to hear should be related to the information which he gave me. The interpretation is very essential as it quantifies the quality of listening an individual possess. The interpreting gave me the ability to respond relatively to the ideas which were being said by the partner. To interpret the information said by my partner I had to be attentive in the first place. My presence had to be felt through the way I was responding to the speaker as quantified by my interpretation of the ideas.
The third step in listening is responding. Responding is giving feedback to the speaker or the partner one is listening to. The type of the response declares the way I was attentive to what was being said. There are several types of responses. One of these is through asking a question. The question indicated to my friend on how I had understood the ideas they were passing. Also, the response may come in the form of a complement. As the listener tries to congratulate the speaker on the ideas said, the appreciation shows that the listener has understood the ideas which are being presented. The response given moreover might affect the moods of the individu...
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