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Judaism And Christianity: Most Influential Religions In The World (Reaction Paper Sample)


Drawing on the various beliefs, practices, social structures, values, etc. described in our course textbook (World Religions: A Guide to the Essentials), answer the following in 750 words:
To what extent is Christianity a completely different religion from Judaism? To what extent is it a continuation therefrom? Are there shared values, practices, beliefs across these two religious traditions, or are they completely distinct?
• Use APA format.
• Evidence and resources must draws from Chapters 2-4 ONLY (Textbook) (Ancient Religion, Judaism, Christianity)
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Judaism and Christianity
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Judaism and Christianity
Christianity and Judaism are among the most influential religions in the world. Although Judaism is not as large as Christianity, it has had a profound impact on the world. Both religions are referred to as Abrahamic religions because they trace their origin to Abraham. In this light, there are various similarities and differences between the two religions. The Christianity establishes itself as a unique religion from Judaism due to various factors. Judaism teaches that Torah offers insight that good deeds are considered important by God and are just as important, or more essential than the belief in God. Nevertheless, good deeds and belief in God are important requirements for the people. The Torah also guides the Jews to believe in God. The belief in God is considered a critical aspect of their beliefs, but it is not seen as a sufficient condition for being Jewish. Judaism focuses on ensuring that the followers believe that the God of the Bible is their only God. Also, followers of Judaism should behave according to the commandments offered in the Torah, which help them to live in God's ways. For Christianity, it teaches that God wants His followers to perform good deeds, but not all good acts will lead one to salvation. In this light, some Christian denominations believe that the salvation is found upon transformational faith and belief in Jesus. An individual expresses the change by engaging in good deeds. Also, some Christians such as some Protestants believe that faith alone is sufficient for salvation (Robinson & Rodrigues, 2014).
Christianity stands as a different religion from Judaism from the understanding of faith. For Judaism, faith is perceived as intellectual assent, where it only takes effect when an individual turns towards God. The Christians perceive faith as self-transforming. An exam

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