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Comparative Religion Field Trip Reaction Assignment Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


This can be any religion not Southern Baptist. Your own religion is welcome or any one religion that you are familiar with. Thank you.
For this class you are required to visit a religious site not your own. This could be a synagogue, a Christian church, a mosque, or a temple. The purpose of this trip is to report on what you saw -normally a religious service and how it compares to your own religious upbringing and/or current practice.
The report should give a description of the site and a detailed summary of the religious service. As part of your assignment you should:
Describe what you observed. What were the material expressions of the service (statues, paintings, music, etc). Was there anything special going on that day (e.g., baptisms)? If there was a sermon, analyze it.
Provide a cultural and historical context for what you saw/experienced. What information from your textbook and research provides information about and contextualizes your experience? What are some of the historical roots of your experience? What parts seem more contemporary?
Conclude with your personal reaction to this experience and any questions you had about your experience.
This paper should be at least three (3) pages in length with proper APA formatting. This includes proper documentation. This is a formal academic paper so pay careful attention to the basics of writing a good English composition. There is a grading rubric, below.
Don't forget to submit your assignment.
Grading instructions below.
Discusses the type of service and location, observations of exterior and interior, the topics/activities of the service, important messages that were conveyed. 50 (34%)
Personal reflection and conclusion
Describes what the student felt about the experience, any interactions, participation, describes the overall value of this experience. 40 (27%)
Organization and Editing
Proposal is well written, well organized, and free from errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 20 (13 %)
Proposal is in correct APA format, with a numbered Title page with a running head, and a references page if sources were used. 20 (13 %)
Submission meets minimum length requirement of three pages of text(double-spaced) not including title page or references page. 20 (13 %)
Total 150 (100%)


Comparative Religion Field Trip
Institution Affiliation
Comparative Religion Field Trip
My trip was to one of the mosques in my hometown on Friday last week. Everybody entering the mosque would remove the shoes and go straight to a wash basin or sink, where they would wash various parts of the body such as eyes, ears, head, arms, face, and hair among others. Removal of shoes is a sign of respect to Allah, which is done to avoid dirtying the interior part of the mosque. Washing was done three times for arms, feet, and ankles up and down. Also, they would wash the face before inhaling some water in their nostril and swish some water thoroughly in the mouth. The entire process is a purifying ritual and is referred to as Wudu. The washing up process was done uniquely since they never used soap or running tap, it was done in a basin that looked more like a pitcher or ewer. After the cleansing process, everybody proceeded to the actual prayer area, where they performed two Rakat, that is two little sets of prayers, and some individuals would continue to pray in private while others were reading Quran until when the Imam called for the start of the main prayers. Calling to prayers was like a song that was coming from the loudspeakers similar to church bell that was used traditionally in various churches. After this call, everyone lined up, and the rows were kept slightly tight, almost elbow to elbow and foot to foot for individuals next to each other. The Imam stood in front of everybody in the mosque, and after he finished the call to prayers, he started leading the group prayers. Something unique I noticed is the manner in which the prayer was conducted. The prayer was formalized or ritualized, whereby worshippers were memorizing some parts in Arabic, and all people were saying it together similar to singing. While praying, they stood straight up, their hand in front of them or on their stomach and then bending over and standing back again, then kneeling down on their knees and hand in Islamic prostration position. Particular patterns were memorized during bending over and wholly prostrated forehead-to-the-carpet positions.
At a certain point during prayers, Imam read a long chapter of the Quran in Arabic. When the group prayer ended, everyone sat down while still in rows, and they briefly said some silent prayers after which individuals who wanted to leave the mosque were free to go. Nonetheless, some individuals proceeded to zakat, a place where they put money in the form of donations to help the poor or support the mosque. Inside the mosque, there were no benches or chairs like in the churches or synagogues. Only row upon row of carpets positioned facing the holy city, Mecca in Saudi Arabia filled the hall. Unlike in the Church that I attend, men and women do not mix whil

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