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Adam and Eve: Their Sin and Consequences (Reaction Paper Sample)

Explain what you selected (Adam and Eve: Their Sin and Consequences) and give a brief overview of the subject, then spend the rest of the paper explaining why you believe this person/event/topic/etc. to be important. You do not need a cover sheet or a bibliography for this since THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER ONLY A PERSONAL RESPONSE. However, if you do choose to use an outside source, be sure to cite it within the paper, so that you are not guilty of plagiarism. source..

Adam and Eve: Their Sin and Consequences
Adam and Eve: Their Sin and Consequences
The first people on earth after a beautiful creation by God are Adam and Eve. This makes them very important to the world. Their actions determined the circumstances in the world today. Their consequences of their sins still haunt human race to date. This is what intrigues me; this is the basis of this paper. The paper seeks to give my personal response to the Sin and Consequences of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve lived in paradise with only one rule that they could not keep: the tree of knowledge. In my opinion, eating from the forbidden tree was the first sin Adam and Eve ever committed. The consequences of this sin still haunt the world today. The following is an overview of what makes Adam and Eve very important today.
According to me, the transgression and disobedience of Adam and Eve is the original sin. Adam and Eve were allowed to eat from all the trees save for the tree of knowledge. God warned them that they shall die when they eat from this tree. I think Adam and Eve went against the only rule in the Garden of Eden. God condemned man because of this sin. The consequences are so dare: spiritual death, man was separated from God; bodily death, God condemned man and got separated from the soul and body return to earth; the distortion and shattering of the image, man is prone to corruption and depravity of the heart, darkness of mind, loss of free will, loss of independence, and tendency to do evil; guilt, bad conscience and shameful feeling; and worse of, the sin became hereditary, the sin never remained with Adam and Eve, the original sin passes from one generation to another through to all the descendants.
I think the original sin makes Adam and Eve vital to this generation and a generation to come. According to me, as descendants of Adam and Eve, we face the consequences of the sin committed by the two. God condemned Adam and Eve as well as their descendants, and we face the reality of these actions as human beings. There have been numero...
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