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design research assignment: The Work of Evie Sands (Reaction Paper Sample)


Based on the two magazine spreads on the reverse, write an essay responding to this question: How effective is this design in setting a tone and in capturing its intended audience? Analyze its graphic design as completely as you can, including its typography, color and principles of design. Based on your formal analysis, discuss whether or not the design is appropriate to its content, publication and audience.


The Work of Evie Sands
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The Work of Evie Sands
The graphic design I have created is dedicated to Evie Sands. A singer who had the looks and the voice that both helped pave the way to her success. In addition, the written content highlights the career of Sands and how she rose to stardom.
By emphasizing the title “This Woman's Work” I am able to catch the attention of readers on what the design is about. There is an image of Evie Sands on the 2nd page looking upwards to show her desire to rise up to stardom. On the lower left corner of the page is a statement that says “I'd sing the shoot out of it” is an implication of how much she loves singing and her determination as an artist. By including this quote in the design, I am showing people what it is to love about Evie Sands and why she deserves the recognition.
There are 5 of her cds that have been put on the design to add a more music feel to the design and the page will not look plain. These are 5 of her best records that people constantly listened to during her time. The content cannot be considered as her biography, but it tells about the challenges she encountered during her music career.
The concept of infographic is used in the graphic design to give a better representation of what is being talked about. The records were individually discussed, the photos of the people she worked and collaborated with are all included. Moreover, their significance to her career is shown by talking about the conversations they had with her and the kind of contribution they gave just to fulfill her music career.
One of the companies she worked with was Blue Cat which gave her trouble because of how the record was mixed. After that, she shifted to working with Cameo-Parkway and had another hit. After releasing her version of the Chip Taylor hit Angel of the Morning, Cameo-Parkway started to fail and she had to move on. Cameo-Parkway collapsed and Sands had to make another move to A&M. If you will only look at the records shown in the design, you will not understand what

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