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Unit 1 Discussion Group Assignment: Norms, Cultures (Reaction Paper Sample)


Discussion Group is an opportunity for you to ask questions or clear up any uncertainties you may have about the readings, concepts, and theories covered in this unit. You are encouraged to respond to other students' questions since discussion can be a great way to learn! Your instructor will also read your posts and provide feedback as needed. If you're not sure where to begin, read the discussion questions at the end of the Cahill chapter(s) for this unit and use those as a starting point.
“Postings” refer to participation in the discussion forum. The criteria that we will be looking for are as follows:
1. Postings that reflect the readings or topics for discussion.
2. Postings that are well thought-out, clear, concise, and critical in nature
3. Postings that enable others to participate and that open up the conversation and encourage others to contribute.
4. Postings that ask questions of others or respond to questions asked by others.
5. Postings that simply validate or agree with the opinions of others, with justification.
6. Postings that extend what others have written about or expand on concepts and topics. 
7. Postings that provide a new idea or a new way of thinking about the concept
8. Postings that are appropriate in length and do not repeat or needlessly prolong discussion
**Please note that postings that contain rudeness or disrespect toward fellow students will not be tolerated, and marks will be deducted as a result 
** Also note that quality is more important than quantity. A single posting by a student should not exceed 250 words
So what makes us selfish, aggressive, competitive and unconcerned about the suffering of other people?


Unit 1 - Discussion Group
Focus on the relationship of the self and society and highlight how perception, norms, cultures and the environment influence identity formation. Individuals form groups and networks, where people with more similarities are likely to interact. At the same time, the self has to reflect when interacting with other people, with having shared meaning facilitating social interaction. Individuals act an aspect social context, and the idea of the self is closely tied to identity. Perceptions of individual and group identity also influence our sense of worth as i...
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