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Toward Poststructuralist Geographies (Reaction Paper Sample)


Please read the instructions carefully
3/4 page (200 words) summary/reflection on each of the attached documents. for about 10-12 sentences for the paragraph: 8 sentences to summarize or state the main ideas of the reading, and 4 sentences to reflect on important points that stood out to you or that you could relate to other classes/readings).
To clarify, I will attach a chapter from a book(Cresswell, Ch. 10 “Toward Poststructuralist Geographies”
), a book (Key texts chapter 22 and chapter 23). 
you need to summarize each one separately in 3/4 page (200 words) . So, the total will be 2 pages.
From the attached book (Key texts) summarize chapter 16 and 20 only.
Again, The total will be 3 paragraphs. Below is list for the resources you will use.
Cresswell, Ch. 10 “Toward Poststructuralist Geographies”
Gearóid Ó Tuathail - Key Texts, Ch. 22 “Critical Geopolitics”
Trevor Barnes - Key Texts, Ch. 23 “Logics of Dislocation”
try to make note while you are reading each short chapter because it would make it easier for you


Toward Poststructuralist Geographies
According to Cresswell (2013), since 1980s and 1990s, human geography has seen a propagation of perspectives of theory. The modern human geography has ignored the past arguments. Postmodernism involves the thinking that denies metanarratives, essence and foundations that shut down a research on huge theoretical changes. It appears that the contemporary society is composed of people interested in self-made theories and abjections to those propounded by others. Some geographers are putting into consideration the choices made by human beings over small matters. However, others like Marxists disregard the issue as being unimportant. These questions belong to structure as well as agency.
Structuralisms basically entail a body of thought and works in culture and language. Disciplines can depict various forms of structuralism. During the 1980s, the struggle between agency and structure started being worked upon by geographers. Time geographies are concerned with routes in space and time of individuals as well as groups. From birth to death, an individual has spatial and temporal attributes which are premises of time geography. Contextual explanations can be provided by geographers through time geography. Necessary ideas are usually intertwined by critical realism. Structuration theory integrates agency and structure in human geography. However, it cannot account for daily happenings.
Key Texts, Chapter 22 "Critical Geopolitics;
In Critical Geopolitics gives an exhaustive challenge to the conventional geopolitics, formulated as theories and acts of statecraft. First and foremost, critical Geopolitics first examines geopolitics' tradition via the work of its main proponents at the onset of 20th century. The book ends by presenting a discussion about changing geopolitics nature, par...
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