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Summary Writing Assignment: The Elements Of Style (Reaction Paper Sample)


this paper would like to be a reaction or a summary of the book "", please upload it before 11am June 12th


Summary Writing
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The Elements of Style
Summary paper
The fourth edition of the ‘The Elements of Style' was published in the year 1999. This book includes the latest introduction which was written by Roger Angell, White's stepson. The introduction of the book was adopted from White's NewYorker writing about Shrunk which was modified to serve as the introduction to the book. However, the first writing of The Elements of Style was done by Strunk Jr., an English professor at Cornel University. He wrote this as a guide to his students, and in 1918 it was printed privately. White did revisions and addition to the writing and introduced the fifth chapter known as ‘An Approach to Style' (Strunk, White & Angell, 2000). Thus, this is the reason the book has always been referred by teachers, scholars, editors, and writers to as ‘Strunk and White.'
The first chapter of the book is referred to as ‘Elementary Rules of Usage.' This chapter tables the set eleven rules for the usage of English language when dealing with the possessives formation such as the correct use of colons, commas, dashes and pronoun cases, participial phrases and noun-verb agreement (Strunk, White & Angell, 2000). The rules are then followed by several correct and finally incorrect examples guided by explanations. This chapter is non-comprehensive because it fails to address major issues like all uses of the commas but instead, it tackles the areas the authors thought errors were a common issue at that time.
The second set of different eleven rules that address the structure is named as ‘Elementary Principles of Composition.' This chapter addresses moving from the entire structure of the piece of a written work by choosing the desired design that is suitable and keeping it all through with emphatic words placed at the end of the sentence. Like in t

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