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Centers for Disease Control – Intimate Partner Violence (Reaction Paper Sample)


The more common situations of child homicide arise not out of the intent to kill the child; rather it is the end result of harsh punishment. Therefore such offenders should not be handled in criminal courts and the offenses should be criminal offenses, but rather the cases should be handled in juvenile and domestic relations courts.
Centers for Disease Control – Intimate Partner Violence
Review the information regarding intimate partner violence
Review the information regarding the men who murder their families

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Intimate partner violence is a serious health problem that affects many families today. Intimate partner violence describes the physical abuse as well as harassments by a partner within the family. In recent history, the cases of extreme violence have significantly reduced though domestic violence is a vice that has greatly affected the lives of many. “Children who mostly commit suicide undergo harassments in life from their parents.”(Maureen C) It is a great disappointment to many as these kids mostly end up dying. Cases of homicide should be treated with great care understanding that they should not be labelled as criminals depending on the circumstances that lead to such acts. It can also be explained that most people who commit murder-suicide are non-Hispanic white males who kill their mates or former friends. “Domestic violence describes the greatest risk factor in cases involving homicides and unwanted harassment from a dominant spouse.”(MMWR 2001; 50(No. RR-13):1-51...
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