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Critical Physical Geography Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


I will attach an article and I want you to summarize the main ideas and key texts in 400 words(page and a half)


Reaction Paper
The article titled Intervention: Critical physical geography by Rebecca Lave et al (2013) seeks to examine the relationship between physical and human geography. While some people feel that there is no connection between physical and human geographers, the authors in this article note that these two disciplines are brought together by a historical inactivity instead of any possible or actual academic synergy. According to the authors of this article, there are many communal benefits that come from bringing together physical and important human geography. This is best seen from the work of geographers who combine crucial attention to relations of power with wide knowledge of a certain field of biophysical science or technology in the service of social science and environmental change. The authors term this special integration as critical physical geography (CPG) with its major precept being that it is impossible to depend on explanations pegged in physical or vital human geography on its own since socio-biophysical landscapes come about as a result of unequal power relations in the environment.
According to Lave et al (2013), the wide body of research in CPG is hard to wash away since it is deeply important in both the intellectual and practical sense. The role of humans cannot be wished away since majority of earths most fundamental processes are now dominated human activities. Lave ...
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