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Crash A Movie Directed By Paul Haggis, Race And Its Effect (Reaction Paper Sample)


1) Describe your reaction to the movie Crash. (I do not need a detailed review of each scene or character).
2) Every character in this film were seeing people they "crashed" into using stereotypes. Why is it important to understand how social power operates in these situations? What is the difference between people in power holding these prejudices and those without power who also might hold them? For example: the locksmith vs. the police officer.


Reaction Paper
Although the world has become more modernized, stereotyping is still a major issue today, more so in the US. People have a fixed impression, preconceived ideas and exaggerated ways of viewing different social groups. The movie Crash, is an example of how stereotyping occurs in many ways. Crash is a movie directed by Paul Haggis, presenting a series of scenes about race and its effect on different people living in Los Angeles (Villanueva 348).
The movie exposes different types of social and multicultural differences that exist in many societies. It also presents how these differences affect the society, especially where prejudice and stereotyping are rampant (Villanueva 349). Crash is an exciting movie that portrays the interlocking stories of different social groups like the white, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, the cops, criminals, the rich and the poor, the powerless and powerful, all presented from a racist perspective (Villanueva 350).
In the movie, racism is evident in individual thoughts and feelings, throughout the movie; everyone feels it more than just once. In this movie, every character used stereotyping to crash other social groups depending on the powers they have. Crash movie shows each character's point of view regarding their racial thoughts and action presenting how each character from different backgrounds live their daily lives. Racism is well crafted where different social groups over generalize their ideas about specific groups making negative evaluation about that group. This is evident in the movie whereby in the beginning, the Asian lady tells a female detective she caused the accident because Mexicans did not know how to drive (Farris 354).
Social power is evident in the movie, especially among characters like Rick, who hires a Mexican man to replace the locks on the door because his wife feels unsafe. Jean feels unsafe because of interacting with some social groups whom she feels are criminals. Upon seeing the Mexican man, Jean gets upset, making racial remarks about how the man can sell the new keys to his friends who will break in their house (Farris 355).
Jean demands that the lock changes again. Rick thinks that Jean is irrational, but Jean reminds Rick that someone had just shoved a gun in her face (Farris 355). This is an example of how wealthy people in the society exaggerate certain isolated incidence to promote racism, especially when they loo

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