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Confusing Love with Obsession Literature & Language Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


The focus of this option is our secondary text, Confusing Love with Obsession. Your paper should be at least five pages (roughly 1,250 words) in length. in length. While additional sources or references are not required for this assignment, you must use the selected source to support your argument (i.e, cite the selected sources in your paper). If you choose to quote, paraphrase, or summarize additional sources (including the texts), you must document them in APA format. Your paper must have a references page.
These are the questions/points to consider to which you should respond in your reaction paper:
Using sociologist John Alan Lee's love styles Intimate Relationships (http://psychologycharts(dot)com/six-love-styles.html). Based on this list, what is the predominant love style for most of the characters presented in the book, Confusing Love with Obsession.
What character if any did you identify with most from the book? This can be either yourself or someone you know.
Briefly outline the characteristics of the Obsessive Love Wheel at each stage of the wheel.
After reading the book, what knowledge did you gain about love addiction?


Literature & Language
Confusing Love with Obsession
Obsession and love share hallmarks that make it quite difficult to distinguish them. They both involve a compelling emotion, pleasantness between partners at the start of their association, and selflessness. However, there are several red lights when love degenerates into an ominous obsession. Love is a healthy feeling that blossoms between partners, while obsession is a dangerous emotion that mostly leads to heartbreak and sometimes even death. Physical and emotional violence, insecurity and jealousy, and scrutiny by partners amount to abuse. When someone is obsessed with a partner, one directs all attention to the object of their 'twisted' love at the expense of oneself.
Some individuals know not that intimate partner violence is a violation of human rights or do not care. But then, ignorance is no defense, and even they feel a tinge of guilt when tormenting their partners. Obsession starts with a desire to control a partner’s interactions, finances, and movement. Verbal abuses follow before it often culminates into physical violence, rape, or even worse.
Confusing Love with Obsession: The Book

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