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Writing Assignemnt Your Reaction On Compensating Expatriates (Reaction Paper Sample)


Reaction Paper. 13-3.

Discuss your reaction to the following statement:

U.S. companies should increase base pay (beyond the level that would be paid in the United Sates) to motivate employees to accept foreign assignments

Citation must be per APA format.



Compensating Expatriates
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Compensating Expatriates
Expatriates are very imperative to the success of multinational companies because they carry the face of their companies overseas (Bussin, 2015). They have to carry the vision of their companies to foreign countries and persuade the overseas customers and clients that the companies have what it takes to satisfy their needs. U.S companies have continued to send expatriates abroad to extend their customer base. For this reason, U.S companies should increase base pay to motivate employees to accept foreign assignments.
One of the major reasons why U.S companies send expatriates to foreign assignments is because of their professionalism and high level of competence. Thus, it is paramount for them to be paid well to motivate them to accept these assignments. They should be paid higher than what should be paid in the United States.

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