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The Black Snow Trial & A Taste Of Brown Sugar (Reaction Paper Sample)


Please write a review with personal thoughts after reading Kirsten Cather's Dirt for Politics' sake: The Black Snow Trial” and Mireille Miller-Young's “Sexy Soul Sisters:Black women in Golden Era” A taste of Brown Sugar


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The Black Snow being the first postwar proceedings on censorship against a film it was very important to the field of film censorship. The book text explains that this trial established an amended template that accounted for the existence of regulatory bodies such as Eirin for film and intrinsic differences between film and literature media (Cather, 2012). Additionally, Eirin was not eventually changed but the trial against the Black Snow went ahead to mark an unmatched attack on self-regulatory organization's authority (Cather, 2012). The trial elucidates the complicated relationship between regulating politics and regulating sex. It also shows the difference between Eirin censorship and state censorship.
A Taste for Brow Sugar

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