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The Beginning of Reforms: The Social Problem or Issue? (Reaction Paper Sample)


1.-what concept being addressed
2.-what is the perspective of the author ?
3.-how does this article to social welfare policies?
4.-what is the social problem or social issue, summarize


The Beginning of Reforms
University affiliation
The Beginning of Reforms
What concept being addressed
The involvement of women in higher education significantly changed the women women’s’ way of living. According to the author, women were undermined and portrayed as inferior as they could not control their finances, manage property or even own items according to the law. Women had no control over men insignificant of her achievements or her level in the society. Notably, women are the main pillars of the family. However, the society was inclined to the superiority if the man at the expense of families. If a woman asked for a divorce the law would judge to the husband favor and give the women full responsibility for their children. In the mid-1850’s legislations begun to come up with some major strategies to salvage women and offer them right to own property under their name.
What is the perspective of the author?
According to the author, women play an essential role in the society. They have a responsibility to take care of their families and ensure good health as well as quality education for their children. However, the author is perplexed by the society in the 18th century that was primarily...
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