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Stare Decisis and the Judicial System Law Reaction Paper (Reaction Paper Sample)


"Stare Decisis" and the "Judicial System" Please respond to the following:
Define and explain what personal jurisdiction and subject matter jurisdiction mean and how these terms are relevant to one who does business in different states. What about a business that engages in international dealings, which court could the business be sued in and why? Provide support for your answers.
Each year, the U.S. Supreme Court issues around 100 legal decisions. The decisions are final interpretations of the law because of the Doctrine of Stare Decisis. Explain Stare Decisis and select one U.S. Supreme Court decision issued in the past year relating to the regulation of business or likely to influence business today and provide your thoughts on whether you agreed or disagreed with the Court's opinion. Support your position and include your sources for information and cases. Remember the focus of this discussion is how the decisions by the Supreme Court can affect a business and doing business today!


“Stare Decisis” And The “Judicial System”
Student’s Name
Question One
Meaning of Personal Jurisdiction and Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Personal Jurisdiction is the authority of a court to handle a lawsuit concerning a defendant by the fact that a defendant has contact with the location of a court. Subject Matter Jurisdiction implies that a court has the power to handle any case that has been brought before the said court (Mulligan, 2019). These terms are essential to an individual who carries business in different states as one would know how to handle a case such as scamming or corruption where one is trading.
Question Two
Suitable court for international dealings
A company that engages in international dealings in a given state in the US may be taken to a state court. The reason is tha

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